Romanian Reverse Glass Painting - Madonna & Child

Romanian Reverse Glass Painting - Madonna & Child


A Romanian reverse glass painted ikon, depicting the Madonna and Child enthroned in Heaven. This ancient imagery is one of the most iconic symbols of the Christian faith, and has particular importance in the Eastern Orthodox church where it is known as Theotokos - that is, a picture of the mother of God. The Madonna's divine status is emphasised by her elaborate crown and halo and her luxuriant robes. Here these are decorated with a charming pattern of spots and splurges that enliven the picture, giving it a naïve flourish. The figures are framed by garlands of flowers which add to the primitive, folk-art effect.

This type of delightfully naïve ikon was produced in Transylvania in the mid 20th century. The images were painted directly onto glass, beginning with the outlines and the foreground before building up towards the background - the opposite practise from a regular painting.

Measures approx. 35 x 47 cm

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