Wedding Chest, 1925

Wedding Chest, 1925


A Hungarian wedding chest, dated 1925. This spectacular chest is painted with Irises, tulips and lilies of the valley, all executed with exquisite detail in an art nouveau style. The front remains in good condition, with two large decorative panels in burgundy against a navy ground. The top is similarly decorated but has substantial wear, creating a charming patina. The interior of the trunk is decorated with post cards, family photos and other paper decorations.

Wedding chests such as these were historically kept by young girls preparing for life as the head of a household. They would accumulate necessary items such as clothing and linens over many years, storing them in the special chest. On the occasion of their marriage these could then be transported to their new home. The chests are often decorated with the date of the marriage, and were even embellished by the bride as her life progressed. This example contains countless vintage postcards and photographs, no doubt added by the bride throughout her decades of married life.

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