Harghita Chest

Harghita Chest


A carved wooden chest from the Harghita area of Romania. It is inscribed with ancient protective symbols typical of Romanian folk art, representing the sun, the water and the snake. It also has traces of old paint, visible as faded red and green stripes and spots.

This style of carving was influenced by the Saxon community who came to the region in the 17th century, when Romania was under Hapsburg rule..

Wedding chests were an important part of traditional life in Eastern Europe. Young girls would spend their teens making and acquiring goods they would need to set up their own household. On their wedding day these items would be placed in the chest and carried to their new homes. This style of inscribed wedding chests were sometimes made by the groom himself and decorated on the morning of the wedding to commemorate the occasion.

It measures 56 x 75 x 44 cm.

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