Romanian Reverse Glass Painting - Resurrection of Christ

Romanian Reverse Glass Painting - Resurrection of Christ


A Romanian reverse glass painted ikon, depicting the resurrection of Jesus. It shows Christ leaping from his tomb, aided by an angel who has rolled back the stone. Beneath Christ we see a sleeping guard, whilst to the right a second guard throws up his hands in surprise. The figures are all depicted in a charmingly naïve style with a disregard for classical anatomy - creating a sense of freedom and jubilation typical of folk art. 

This type of naïve ikon was produced in Transylvania in the mid 20th century. The images were painted directly onto glass, beginning with the outlines and the foreground before building up towards the background - the opposite practise from a regular painting.

The painting is in good vintage condition with only very small losses to the paint. The frame shows more wear, with losses and holes from historical woodworm visible on the top and right hand side. Top centre a hole has been drilled to hang the piece, at present this is threaded with a piece of bent wire to form a hook.

Measures approx. 31 x 43 cm

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