Soviet Poster - To Lenin's Cause We Are True

Soviet Poster - To Lenin's Cause We Are True

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This iconic soviet poster was printed in the USSR during the 1980s. It shows communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924), who lead the Soviet Union from it’s formation until his death. One of the most recognisable political figures of the 20th century, Lenin’s image was used extensively in Soviet propaganda. Here his face is paired with the slogan ‘Delu Lenina Verny,’ or ‘To Lenin’s Cause We Are True.’ This is a chance to own a truly iconic original soviet poster.

Please note that this poster has a faint water stain towards the top of the left edge as well as some wear and tear consistent with age.

It measures approximately

unframed 61 x 92 cm.

framed 63 x 94 cm

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