Transylvanian Folk Bed

Transylvanian Folk Bed

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A spectacular folk painted bed from the Tara Calatei or ‘fancy county’ of Transylvania. The bed is decorated extensively with birds and flowers including carnations, roses and daisies. It is dated 1957 and inscribed with the initials ‘B. K.’. It was probably commissioned to mark a milestone, perhaps a birth or coming of age rather than a wedding as it is a single bed.

The bed comprises two decorative ends connected by cross beams that hold slats. It was originally designed for the cross beams and mattress to sit approximately 60cm from the ground, ie much higher than a modern bed. We have adapted it so that the cross beams can also sit 25cm above the ground, more in keeping with modern tastes.

The bed is provided with crossbeams that allow it to hold a standard single mattress, measuring 190 x 91 cm. It is pictured here with smaller crossbeams of 160cm length which are also available if you have a compact space in mind. Both sets of crossbeams could be provided for an extra £50.

We recommend asking a carpenter to reinforce the corners of the bed once it is in situ. This would be a small job, please contact us for details.

Shipping is not included, please contact us for a quote.

Full size: 130 x 102 x 200 cm

Smaller crossbeams: 130 x 102 x 170 cm

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