Transylvanian Wardrobe

Transylvanian Wardrobe


An ornate wardrobe, painted with birds, flowers and trees of life. It was made in Tara Călatei in Transylvania in the mid twentieth century. This area of Hungarian heritage was known as ‘fancy country’ because of the highly decorated furniture.

This example is decorated with the tree of life, an important symbol in Hungarian folklore. The mythical tree was said to link the realms of heaven, earth and the underworld. It is also painted with William Morris-esque birds, stealing strawberries.

The wardrobe is in excellent original condition. The interior could be stained white for a cleaner finish.

We love this wardrobe so much we had t-shirts and tote bags printed with part of the design. We will include a free shirt and bag with the sale, so you can celebrate your new wardrobe in style! 

Please note the price does not include shipping, please contact us for a quote.

It measures 194 x 108 x 52 cm.

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